Why the United Nations wants Breastfeeding Moms to post Brelfies

It's not every day that the United Nations urges moms to post more breastfeeding pictures to social media, yet that day has arrived.

At a briefing in Geneva this month, World Health Organisation spokeswoman Fadela Chaib spoke out in favour of the mighty 'breflie', stating that "it's absolutely to be encouraged".

Win a Bamboobies Nursing Bra!

As you may or may not already know, I'm pregnant with my second child...a son!  And as the nausea lifts and the weeks turn into months, I'm starting to unpack my maternity clothes from 5 years ago.  Alongside the yoga pants, I'm also finding the cute onesies and other bits and pieces that I saved from our first dip (huge almighty great big splash) into these parenting waters.

5 Reasons to Upgrade your Breast Pump

Breastfeeding Awareness Month is here, which means that the breastfeeding community is awash with competitions and information bulletins as far as the eye can see.

So in keeping with the trend, I come bringing news.  News of a giveaway (see below!) and also, a little food for thought when it comes to pumping.

Why UNICEF wants all Babies to Breastfeed within an Hour of Birth

In between the projects and celebrations, World Breastfeeding Week carries with it a sobering reminder of the work that still needs to be done to improve infant nutrition across the globe.

According to UNICEF, half of all newborns are not put to the breast within an hour of birth.

This might not seem shocking, or even significant at first glance.  But unfortunately, the consequences of just a few hours delay can be catastrophic, as summarized by France B├ęgin, UNICEF’s Senior Nutrition Adviser:

Making babies wait too long for the first critical contact with their mother outside the womb decreases the newborn’s chances of survival, limits milk supply and reduces the chances of exclusive breastfeeding.

And this is the reality for half of all newborns.

The #BreastfeedingIs Project

So often, we hear opinions on what breastfeeding is not.

"Breastfeeding is not appropriate in public."
"Breastfeeding is not acceptable after age one."
"Breastfeeding is not normal in our culture."

These messages are, unfortunately, all too commonplace in our world.  Yet there is a growing movement to change the conversation.  There is a growing movement to inform, empower and to normalize.

These Journalists Breastfed their Babies Live on Air

World Breastfeeding week is almost here - a week to celebrate breastfeeding, to inform mothers and to show our support for normal infant feeding.

Yet life isn't always smooth sailing, is it?  Proven by the fact that just days before this worldwide pro-breastfeeding celebration takes place, there has been yet another report of a mother's right to feed her baby being taken away from her.

In Argentina this week, a 22 year old mom was happily breastfeeding her baby in public, on a square in Buenos Aires, when two policemen informed her that nursing was prohibited and threatened to arrest her.

This incident has led women across the country to hold a "Tetada" ("Breast Fest") in support of breastfeeding moms and in true Tetada spirit, these journalists decided to pledge their support live on air...

My Body is not Always Making a Statement

I am an advocate of breastfeeding.  I am an advocate of positive female body image.  I am an advocate of women.

Plus, I’m a writer, so I make statements – literally – every day about the significance of these causes.

And all I have to do is turn on the television, or open a magazine, and I’m reminded as to why these statements are needed.

I see breastfeeding positioned in the media as a divisive opinion topic, whereas formula feeding has been subtly embedded into our lives with such success that hardly without an exception, every baby in every film, show or drama is depicted on screen as a formula fed baby.

I see headlines sprawled across magazines celebrating a celebrity mom’s speedy return to her pre-pregnancy weight…while others point fingers at the famous mothers who have held onto their baby bellies.

I see – and as a woman, I feel – at every junction of life, that the notion of equality between men and women is still so far from our reality.