The STFU Parenting Method

It’s no secret that I birth children who do not sleep and that I breastfeed them until they naturally self-wean.

While I am fully content with the choices I've made for my own family, it’s fair to say that there have been many instances in which other people have been…less so.

Usually, a smile and a swift change of subject are my fail-safe responses for dealing with the doubters.  Yet there are a few words that I feel I should have said a long while ago.  Better late than never, right?  So here goes…

"The Second Baby Sleeps" - BS Rating: High

This is my baby boy, awake on his play mat:

And here is my sweet son, awake in his stroller:

And here is my precious little guy, awake in his wrap:

Do you see a theme?


Yes, I appear to have birthed an unsleeper.

Or more specifically, another unsleeper.  Because this is my second child to laugh in the face of Sleep.

Breastfeeding in Parliament

Larissa Waters, co-deputy leader of Australia’s Green party, made history this week when she breastfed her baby in Parliament.

The Perils of having an Early Reader

A child will only ask the questions that she is ready to hear the answers to.

This little pearl of wisdom has been an invaluable component of my mommy toolkit over the last five years.  It's been a steady and comforting rule for me, as my daughter has raised questions about death and war, injustice and sacrifice.

Yet when I placed my mommy trust in this golden snippet of clarity, I forgot to take into account one tiny factor:  The Perils of having an Early Reader.

The Top 3 Reasons For Choosing Cloth

Real Nappy Week 2017 has arrived, and with it, social media is about to explode with cloth giveaways and flash sales.

But what are the real reasons that parents are choosing cloth over disposables?  Here are the top three, as explained by real mums...

A Note From My Midwife - Guest Post by Midwife Kelly

A little over three years ago marked the turning point in my career that I now think of as 'The Before' and 'The After'. In 2014 I joined an NHS funded caseloading model of midwifery care, providing continuity of care to women from early pregnancy progressing through to a few weeks after birth.

It was, for want of a better word, astonishing. Personally and professionally, it tilted my world on its axis as I found my feet giving everything (and more) you might expect to providing continuity through such an intense time. On-calls and long hours and the utter joy and exhaustion that becomes your normal rhythm of existence. The by-product (see also: central aim and incredible privilege) of such an extraordinary life is the deep and enduring connection forged with women and their families, and the opportunity to help women discover a different story than the one they're so often told.

Louise and her family are one such story; memorable and beautiful as she grew and birthed her second baby; a gorgeous, healthy boy. Every woman educates a midwife, changes her a little, gives some extra or a differing perspective. But I feel that you, Louise, and your children, have left footprints on my practice, and my heart, a little more than most.

A Birth Story

And then, by the twinkling lights of the Christmas tree and right there on my living room floor, my baby boy was born.

But I'm getting ahead of myself, so let's go back to the start...