The Difference between First and Second Pregnancies (It's not Pretty...)

It has been said, time and time again, by many wise women across different time zones and generations, that there are fundamental and common differences between first and second pregnancies.

Being most of the way through my second, I thought I'd take a moment to reflect on this sage wisdom of the mothers who have walked this road before me and I can confirm, that they were onto something...

First Ever Breastfeeding Emoji Officially Approved - AND it's being Championed by UNICEF

It's official - breastfeeding has reached emoji-status.

As one of the 30 most frequently requested missing emojis, the Unicode Consortium approved the first ever breastfeeding emoji at a meeting last week.  While it won't be officially launched and available until next summer at the earliest, here is a sneak-preview of the new emoji:

The emoji was submitted to the Consortium by Rachel Lee, a nurse at the University College of London Hospital, and her proposal clearly highlights the glaring gap in the current emoji menu:

7 Questions Pregnant Moms Should Be Asking In Their Third Trimester

So you’ve bought some baby grows, a couple of bibs and a zillion onesies.  There are cute teddies scattered around the house, patiently waiting for little hands to cover them in slobber and milky spit-up.  You’ve even packed your hospital bag, which sits peacefully in the closet until B-Day finally dawns.

You feel prepared, excited and a little (ok, a lot) nervous.

When Moms Crack: Moms are Human Too

I remember my friend telling me when I was at school; "there is no such thing as perfect.  It just doesn't exist."

At first, I laughed.  I didn't want to believe it.  Because perfect always wins out in the movies, in the fairytales, in the happy-ever-after photoshopped world of marketing genius.

But deep down, I knew she was right.  I felt it in my bones.  Because the seemingly perfect was only ever a facade.  A glossy screen to a reality that was more often than not too harsh to truly face.

Now, I get it.  Life has taught me enough (thank you, life).  The perfect marriage, house, family, body, face, exercise routine, diet, perspective...we are chasing unicorns when we chase these supposed ideals.

And amid all of this utter imperfection, there are cracks.  Oh so many cracks.

What does your ideal birth look like?

"What does your ideal birth look like?"

My lovely midwife smiles at me from across the room, waiting for an answer.

I imagine other moms answering with details of birth pools and soft lighting, hypnosis and reflexology.

My mind, however, is blank.

You see, there are two words in that particular sentence, which don't quite seem to fit together in my brain...



Leaping into Cloth

Me: “I want to try cloth.

Husband: Blank expression.

Me: “Cloth, I want to try it.

Husband: Totally blank.

Me: “Nappies.  Diapers.  Pee-catchers.  I want to try cloth.

Husband: Nearly drowns as he chokes on his coffee.

Just A Baby Having Lunch

Yesterday, when I took a bite out of my apple at the park, nobody stopped to notice.

I was hungry, so I ate.  And the world didn't stop turning.

Similarly, the last time I walked through my town's busy market square, I didn't stop to consider the different foods that were being consumed by those around me.  Nor did I pay any attention to the way in which people were eating...sitting down, standing up, off a plate at a cafe, or out of a didn't exactly score highly on my list of priorities.

And yet when our babies stop to feed, the naysayers takes note.