The Top 3 Reasons For Choosing Cloth

Real Nappy Week 2017 has arrived, and with it, social media is about to explode with cloth giveaways and flash sales.

But what are the real reasons that parents are choosing cloth over disposables?  Here are the top three, as explained by real mums...

A Note From My Midwife - Guest Post by Midwife Kelly

A little over three years ago marked the turning point in my career that I now think of as 'The Before' and 'The After'. In 2014 I joined an NHS funded caseloading model of midwifery care, providing continuity of care to women from early pregnancy progressing through to a few weeks after birth.

It was, for want of a better word, astonishing. Personally and professionally, it tilted my world on its axis as I found my feet giving everything (and more) you might expect to providing continuity through such an intense time. On-calls and long hours and the utter joy and exhaustion that becomes your normal rhythm of existence. The by-product (see also: central aim and incredible privilege) of such an extraordinary life is the deep and enduring connection forged with women and their families, and the opportunity to help women discover a different story than the one they're so often told.

Louise and her family are one such story; memorable and beautiful as she grew and birthed her second baby; a gorgeous, healthy boy. Every woman educates a midwife, changes her a little, gives some extra or a differing perspective. But I feel that you, Louise, and your children, have left footprints on my practice, and my heart, a little more than most.

A Birth Story

And then, by the twinkling lights of the Christmas tree and right there on my living room floor, my baby boy was born.

But I'm getting ahead of myself, so let's go back to the start...

What's Not to Love about this Giant Inflatable Boob?

What's not to love about this giant inflatable boob, placed upon a London rooftop, against an unusually blue March sky?!

Research Proves the Importance of Breastfeeding Support


It’s a word that rings loud in the depths of every breastfeeding mother’s consciousness.  Whether we have been blessed with it or not, each and every one of us refuses to take it for granted.  We know the significance of breastfeeding support.

And, hardly surprisingly, a group of researchers have come to the same conclusion: breastfeeding support in any form is beneficial to women and their babies.

To the Mom with a Hundred Cloaks

To the mom with a hundred cloaks, I see you.

I see you on call, without exception.

I see you as you are called to the bathroom again, to wipe another butt, to wash another pair of hands.

I see you playing.  When driving, cooking, thinking, resting, eating, pooping.  Always engaged.

I see you in your nurse's uniform.  Your doctor's outfit.  Security chief.  Police officer.  Negotiator.  Chef.

I Will Protect You

There are days when the world feels truly accessible.  Days when the sun shines and strangers smile as they pass us by.  There are days that fill me with courage; days that give me wings to soar.

Then there are days when the world feels especially big and inhospitable.  Days when the wind is harsher and the people more hurried.  There are days that leave me tired and isolated; a loner amid a faceless crowd.

On these days, when I cradle my daughter as she drifts off to sleep in my arms, my heart aches.  It aches because I long to hold her forever.  I long to wrap my arms around her and protect her from all that is cold, harsh and faceless.

And I’m not alone.

So often, I hear of mothers, fathers and grandparents, worrying about what this world holds for today’s children.  We only have to turn on the news to understand the magnitude and potential for pain that this world offers.

Several months ago, my then-four-year old stopped to read the headline of a newspaper, propped up on display at our local grocery store.

Mama, what is ‘fight’?”  Her huge, pool like eyes gazed up at me in wonder.