Self-Care For Moms

We've all seen the campaigns selling us exercise programs, right?  The ones promising us abs and weight-loss within a miraculous fourteen day period.  Tailored programs for our physical wellbeing are literally everywhere...but where are the programs prioritizing emotional wellbeing?  I figured I'd fill this void in wellbeing and create the program myself.

Introducing, Self-Care For Moms!  This four-week program is designed to refresh, empower and equip you.  In it, you'll find the tools needed to incorporate excellent self-care into your daily rhythms and routines.  As moms, the concept of self-care can often feel unattainable. We spend our days (and nights) caring for others and so often, we neglect ourselves.  So if, like thousands of others, you need a little nudge towards better self-care, this program is for you!

Here's a preview of what's included:

- 31-page user-friendly ebook
- Recipes
- Meal-planning & batch-cooking ideas
- Affirmations
- Mindfulness practises
- Goal setting
- Daily self-care tasks to complete

It's time to prioritize yourself and make self-care an easy daily habit.  
Get your copy and start the program today!